Accommodations པཱ་རི་སིར་བཞུགས་གནས།



The 15th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies

Accommodations in Paris




Participants and observers at the 15th Seminar of the IATS are responsible for arranging and paying for their own accommodations. Because summer in Paris is the high season for tourism, it is essential that you make your reservations well in advance. Here are some of our recommendations for accommodations near to the INALCO (65 Rue des Grands Moulins, Paris 13th district), where the Seminar of the IATS will be held.

For inexpensive lodging, we recommend the CIS (International Visitors’ Center), which offers a variety of simple, affordably priced rooms.The price for a single room is now 56 euros per night, breakfast included. Shared rooms will of course be less expensive for each person. In your correspondence with the CIS, please mention that you are a participant in the seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies. Please write directly to, with the indication that you are coming for IATS 2019. Many rooms are still available.





The CIS in fact has three locations:

            Hotel CIS Paris Kellermann is closest to the INALCO and most convenient. On Sunday, 7 July, we will have our registration table there and will offer an arrival reception.

            Hotel CIS Paris Ravel is in Paris’s 12th district, further away from the INALCO, but still conveniently located near the T3a tramway line that is easy to use for rapid transport both to the INALCO and the Hotel CIS Kellermann. (And the tramway stop near the Hotel CIS Ravel is called ‘Alexandra David-Neel’!)

            The third CIS location, in Saint-Ouen, is not conveniently situated and we therefore do not recommend it for IATS participants.

            Space at the CIS hotels is limited, so please make your reservation quickly! Participants from Tibetan regions who are unable to use the online reservation system should contact us so that we can attempt to make reservations on your behalf.

            For hotels close to the INALCO, you may search in Google with the words ‘paris 13 grands moulins hotels’, which will produce this map:

The INALCO is labelled here as the ‘Language School’, with the prices at the closest hotels shown in blue boxes.